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August 31, 2007


Pat Benatar...Love is a Battlefield...

..and she's " chained to your desire".

Or something. As I think about it, my memory won't let me hear that lyric clearly.

k has the artist and title correct.

TomTom does not have the location correct. Although I can see how you could hear the lyric as "desire".

Chained to your side?

chained to your inside?

chained to your device?

Okay, you went from correct to weird to WTH? in 2 minutes.

For some reason I related this song to chapter 5 in the Bell book.

I don't know what this one is. I know the song but don't know that particular lyric.

TomTom already got it right.

Chained to your side? that is the one that fits into the blank in my head the best.


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