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July 27, 2007


in the middle with you

Um, no.

No clue, may we have a hint?

(since I apparently have to ask for one...)

You run me straight into the ground trying to come up with these hints.

between heaven and hell

Again, no.

!!! I googled "eyes are glazed over and looking at the floor" and the #1 result is"

"My Small Corner"!!!

Unfortunately I got no satisfaction in finding an answer to the hint. In case you're wondering I've given up on this one.

Ah Tom, the devil is in the details.

so who sings it and what's it called? I don't recognize it.

And this would be why I don't do recent songs.

That answer is not for the question I asked. I asked who sings it and the title, not why you don't do recent songs.

Since all you old folks know nothing of this newfangled music, I'll give you the band and title.

It is "Love and Memories" by OAR.

And I really need to get some younger readers.

That one hurts.


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