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May 03, 2007


Well then, she must be at the cape. (jkg)

love is my actual guess.

Nope, not even close.

Do I need to add a hint?

I need one.

I can almost hear the darn song in my head.(the voices drown it out)

A hint would be helpful. :-)

You might think by The Cars

In a movie

My hint really gave that one away.

WooHooooo Go meeee. Go meeee.

I got one...

If Papa's in the icebox.... where is Mama?

(and no, this isn't a murder/suicide song)

d- that one really gave me fits. All day I had little pieces of melody and lyric, all out of sync, driving me nuts.

k- I think it sounds like theme music to some slasher movie.

K - learning how to jive and wail.

TomTom, that is one of those songs that I get stuck in my head for days.

Ummm...wrong D. That is WHAT she is doing not WHERE.

In the backyard.

There you go.

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