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February 07, 2007


Is it a little red Corvette?

Sorry, but you are incorrect.

A yellow SUV (it's now the enemy)!!

The song is "Stacy's Mom"
I had to google for the band though. sorry. I won't post it in case there are any guesses.

AHHH! What a loser! I totally spaced on the song title! It's "1985". What a fool!

So now i totally don't know the band.

TomTom, this is an intervention, put down the mouse, back away from the computer. And you have the correct car and song title.

I still don't know the band though.

I am soooo close to pulling the name of the band out of my brain, but the hook keeps getting stuck in my nose.

can I get a hint on the band name?

I have one but it will give it right away:
an 83 average.

I gave up and looked it up already. Nice clue.

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